Happy Birthday, Posh!

On this fourth birthday, we celebrate where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Happy Birthday, Posh!

Spun out of MIT, co-founders Karan Kashyap, CEO, and Matt McEachern, CTO, had a vision about how the world interacts with AI technology. Four years later, they’ve built a product to serve people with a top-notch team. 

Just a year ago on Posh’s third birthday, our employee count was shy of 30. Today, we have 70+ employees with no plan of slowing down! Furthermore, in 2021, Posh was serving 32 clients, which has now grown to 50+ clients in just a few more months! 

Even more exciting, in the past year Posh's bots have handled 5.5 million chats across all products. It's been an exciting year with more growth, collaboration and of course, serving our phenomenal clients across the financial institution industry.

“It's rare that a company can align a fantastic challenge with a meaningful purpose. Rarer yet, tackling that challenge and executing on that purpose with supremely passionate, friendly, and intelligent teammates,” Matt said. “We've got a lot to be thankful for.” 

“When we started the company a few years ago out of MIT, we had a vision that conversational AI would not only transform financial services but fundamentally change how humans interact with computers,” Karan said. “Humanity is still in the early days of conversational AI, and that excites the hell out of us because there is so much opportunity to create. We're already adding meaningful value to the financial institutions we're fortunate to partner with, and this value will only compound as we continue to build.”

In honor of Posh’s birthday, here are some fun facts about where Matt and Karan started to where we are now. 

Fun facts: 

  • When Matt and Karan started Posh, they went through a couple of accelerator programs in the Boston area: MIT’s Delta V, MassChallenge Fintech, Underscore VC’s UFirst, and DCU’s Fintech Innovation Center (that served as our original office space)
  • The early “founding team” was comprised of Matt, Karan, and MIT classmates Aaron and Mike
  • Posh originally started as a software development & consulting shop while Matt and Karan were still in school at MIT. When they pivoted to Posh’s current mission of democratizing conversational AI for financial institutions, they decided to keep the name because it was catchy, memorable, and (maybe most importantly) they had the web domain already!
  • Posh is a term developed by English seafarers traveling to India. The side of the ship that would get more sunlight and was more desirable was the port side on the way out and the starboard side on the way home. Port out, starboard home became the acronym P.O.S.H. Over time, it became a standard word signifying high class. 

Important Posh traditions:

  • Posh’s birthday is June 11th
  • Chartway Day, the day we launched our first bot is October 22
  • Every summer, we hold the Posh Summer Olympics, where teams of Poshies compete in light-hearted games and activities.

Stubborn on vision. Flexible on details. We're betting on a future in which Conversational AI is a primary mode of human-computer interaction,” Matt said. “How will that future look, precisely? Well, that's for our current and future teammates to determine. We're riding the bleeding edge of this space.”

“We're thankful for the dozens of passionate Poshies who've joined us on our mission so far: they believe in the future of conversational AI and are dedicated to delivering value to our partners,” Karan said. “Together, we're helping to advance not only the financial services industry but also the field of conversational AI.”

Happy Birthday, Posh! 

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