Research & Technology

Pushing the science of conversational AI forward

Our applied research group is a passionate, world-class team of data scientists, mathematicians, and linguists from top universities and institutions like Amazon Alexa and Nuance—all in the service of better digital banking.

Robust, resilient, and proactive security

Banking-specific natural language processing

Natural language processing—NLP for short—is our favorite type of AI. We research NLP methods to ensure that our conversational AI understands banking, with all its esoteric terminology and specific customer requests. It’s our idea of a good time.

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Internal & external audits

Conversational AI moves fast. We’re part of the reason why

We don’t just keep up with the technology; we take it to new places. Our research creates new possibilities for digital banking conversations, so your AI assistants continue to get smarter.

Fine-tuned deep neural networks.

Our deep learning models are second to none. Our datasets are always growing, too. That to more powerful predictions that solve for more business needs.

An elegant blend of rule-based and statistical AI.

Rule-based AI gets a bad rap. Sure, it’s a simpler approach to machine intelligence—but it’s fast and precise. Statistical AI is more exciting. It’s powerful, but takes a while to get up to speed. We use both, solving every problem with the right tool for the job.

Patent-pending memory persistence.

Memory persistence helps conversational AI follow speakers as they leap from topic to topic and back again. Human speech isn’t always linear; Posh AI is okay with that.

Advanced (and advancing) data analytics.

We find new ways to turn information into insight for our team and our clients alike. Our client-facing analytics platform automates comprehension gap analysis, topic organization, and more—with powerful new features always on our radar.

Insight from our Head of NLP

"For our team, it isn’t just about creating successful conversational AI solutions, but also empowering our clients with the knowledge and tools to be AI-adept in an increasingly AI-centric world."

Rishi SharmaHead of NLP

Researching this stuff is fun. Useful, too.

Our mission is set in stone: We’re here to make digital banking a nicer experience. But there are lots of ways to get there, and our research team explores them all. Here are just a few of our current tech obsessions:

Unsupervised machine learning, including semantic encoding.

Our systems answer many client-specific incoming requests without training models, by automatically collecting unlabeled data from databases, documents, and websites—and leveraging them with semantic search.

Large-scale language modeling.

We’re leading the way in building language models, embedding resources and ontologies to understand the personal finance and banking domain.

Identifying gaps in knowledge.

Our analytics dashboard is fueled by unsupervised machine learning to point out areas for improvement, and offer recommendations on content and design.

Data annotation pipelines.

Annotating the content of a human-AI conversation makes it easy to verify success—and figure out where we could do better.


Familiar with all this research jargon? Join our team

We’re pretty much always looking for smart, dedicated engineers. If you’re excited about conversational AI, check out our career opportunities.

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