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Automates contact center and help desk FAQs and workflows, powering more natural conversations

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Patent-Pending IP

AI Platform Spans Messaging and Voice Channels:

Intelligent Chatbots: automate customer questions and workflows on web and mobile apps (e.g. checking hours or making payments) Interactive Voice Response (Conversational “IVR”): a phone bot that replaces traditional, clunky dialpad menus with natural, voice-driven conversations for contact centers


Web-based chatbots enhanced with Posh Live Chat.


Let your chatbot be driven by standard text messaging.


Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, and other 3rd-party platforms.


Native mobile app support for iOS and Android.

Smart IVR

Natural-language driven IVR. No more dial-tone menus. Simply, "How can I help you?"

Digital Assistants

Digital assistants including Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The Problem

Costly Call Centers and Basic Bots

Hiring and retaining call center reps is difficult and expensive. Chatbot alternatives exist but lack exceptional user experiences because they're too basic and only built around simple flowcharts .
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Our Solution

Posh’s Bots Are Context-Aware and Manage Conversational Memory

Posh leverages machine learning and natural language processing to make sophisticated bots that have intuition and “memory persistence,” driving more natural conversations.

Live Chat

Integrates with Live Chats and escalates to human reps if needed


Spanning voice/text channels (phone, web, online, mobile, SMS, Slack, etc.)

Seamless Integrations

With any API-friendly system (e.g. Cores, Digital Banking, telephony, CRMs, live chats)

Content Management

Customers control how Posh’s bot answers questions

End-to-End Analytics

Measure and improve performance

SOC 2 Compliant

For audited security

Our Customers

Disrupting Customer Service

From community-focused credit unions to publicly-traded corporations, we partner with innovative customers globally.


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Mindy Estok

Vice President

"Our partnership with Posh has made a significant difference regarding our Interactive Voice Response platform. Posh worked diligently with us to deploy an innovative, member-friendly IVR that not only carries us in today’s market but will also benefit us in the future."


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