What We Do

Delivering 24/7 customer service with bank-savvy AI

Better conversations make better relationships. Posh powers smarter experiences across your site, app, banking portal, and phone. Actionable insights help create even stronger conversations over time.

Robust, resilient, and proactive security

Customers have questions Your Concierge has the answers

Web & Digital Banking Concierge

Handle frontline contact 24/7

A Digital Concierge handles frontline contact almost like a person—empowering your CS team with simple language everyone can get.

Customers want quick answers, and your Digital Concierge can provide instant, accurate info via chat. If a conversation gets too complicated, the AI contextually routes to the right agent.

Wherever your customers need answers, we're ready to help. Posh digital assistants understand the language of banking, so users stay engaged with the conversation.

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Voice Concierge

A Voice Concierge never misses a call

Customers don’t run on your organization’s schedule—Posh’s Voice Concierge keeps your contact center open without outsourcing customer care.

Posh's AI receives calls and answers routine questions, resolving large workloads for customer service agents. By replacing touch-tone menus with natural conversations, we provide a modern (and less frustrating) experience.

Keep conversations moving forward. When the customer needs a live agent, route the call to the right agent and pass on context.

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Teller line troubles? Get help withPosh Banking Assistants

Digital Banking 360

Digital Banking Assistants are bankers in your pocket

Handle routine banking transactions around the clock—including seamless authentication—through approachable, personalized chats.

Intelligent banking assistants help your customers make transfers, payments, account inquiries, and more. All you have to do is ask.

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Voice 360 & Banking Teller

Transform your call center with AI-powered banking

Touch-tone menus are outdated—and navigating a call tree can be taxing, even for the most patient customers. With our voice assistant, callers just ask a question. When they can’t help, assistants intelligently route the call to an agent who can.

We also work hand-in-hand with your customer service team. Free up your agents to build personal relationships and focus on the most valuable interactions.

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Meet the virtual assistants

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Personalize (and track) AI conversations

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution with AI. With Posh, you can add new conversation topics, customize responses, and analyze usage data—all in one simple portal.

The Platform

Add AI to any system with seamless Integrations

Core banking systems. Live chat platforms. Customer portals. Posh’s AI connects to all the software you already use to support your customers, so everything’s easier for the whole team.

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability

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