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A State-of-the-Art Platform to Power Your Conversations

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Our Inspiration

The Best Way to Engineer Chatbots

At Posh, we believe that the bot-creation experience is as important as the end-user experience. With this in mind, we've engineering the Posh Platform for the rapid development of complex bots at scale.

A Modern Chatbot Development Platform

Seamlessly Integratable

Contextually Aware

One Backend Many Channels

State-Of-The-Art Language Understanding

Measurable Analytics

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

The Posh Platform includes a comprehensive and insightful analytics dashboard that offers clarity and quantitative benchmarks to measure your bot's performance. We surface information including adoption metrics, first contact resolution (FCR) rates, topic breakdowns and trends, potential knowledge gaps, and more. With Posh Analytics, we enable you to quickly measure ROI and identify new opportunities for innovation.

Live Agent Chat

Let Artificial Intelligence & Your Employees Work Together

With Posh Live Chat, we enable your business to generate more leads, drive immediate customer resolution, bridge knowledge gaps, and ultimately boost your top line. Our seamless bot-to-human handoff allows your agents to continue conversations right where they left off with full context and intelligent routing. Let your reps focus on the complex tasks that require human-level intelligence while our bots handle the rest.

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