Make decisions with data —not guesswork

Customize virtual banking assistants with the Posh Platform. This easy-to-use dashboard gives you full control of AI behavior, along with analytics that help you improve performance over time.

Robust, resilient, and proactive security

Control the conversation with the Posh Content Management System

This isn’t some generic CMS. The in-house Posh content system lets you match your language to the unique needs of your financial community. Let your (literal) brand voice speak.

Customize responses
Add new conversation topics
Structure the conversation
Deploy rich content
Manage your conversational AI

Derive business and customer insights with full data visibility

Data plays a crucial role in decision-making, but it’s not always intuitive—so we built something different. The Posh Platform gives instant access to detailed analytics, providing the info you need to identify problems and improve customer service across the board.

Transparent analytics at your fingertips

Get chat and call numbers by the day, week, month, and more. Discover peaks and valleys in contact volume to find out when customers are reaching out. 

Track conversation topics

Uncover the themes in customer requests. Posh analytics group contacts by intent so you can devote more resources to trends in your financial community.

Resolve coverage gaps as they develop

Run a Coverage Gaps Analysis to uncover questions that stump your AI. Then create new Custom Intents to cover those gaps, in order of impact.

Read full conversation transcripts

The Posh Platform keeps a log of every AI conversation. Find out exactly what customers ask for, in their own words, and keep tabs on your AI assistants to improve quality continually.

Segment data for custom reporting

Want to know which questions customers ask during a given time period? Looking for spikes in demand for a single product? The Posh Platform helps you organize data to continually improve performance.

What is Conversational AI, anyway?

Conversational AI is smart software that listens, understands, and responds to people with natural language. This technology is essential for banks and credit unions, where customers expect instant, all-hours support. 

But as most customers know, typical AI platforms struggle to keep up. Off-the-shelf chat solutions get hung up on key banking terms. They misunderstand the context. If you’ve ever tried to get accurate information from an onsite chatbot, you know the frustration.

Posh bots are different

Posh bots are different. We build them with some of the best machine learning models in the world, and we train them on real-life banking conversations. That means they understand your customers’ questions—and the everyday language surrounding those questions. 

The Posh Platform brings the power of conversational AI to banks and credit unions. Most importantly, Posh helps you live up to customer expectations.

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