Founded at MIT

Growing Team Based in Boston, MA

Posh started at MIT’s AI Lab as part of the Spoken Language Systems group. The team now consists of Masters and PhD talent from top research institutions like Harvard and MIT across AI and Natural Language Processing. Our team of engineers, data scientists, designers, marketers, and sales specialists is growing quickly!


Live Chat, Content Management, and Analytics

1) Live Chat lets customers escalate to human reps, or third party chat systems. 2) Content Management System lets customers design and edit content in real time. 3) Analytics Dashboard shows metrics and trends (e.g. adoption rates, topic breakdowns, call volumes).

Posh empowers businesses to better connect with customers


Patent-pending IP and Industry Customization

Posh’s patent-pending IP for managing contextual memory in conversations and its industry-customized AI differentiate it from one-size-fits-all bots that leverage more general and less sophisticated machine learning.


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