SOC 2 Type II attestation

SOC 2 Type II attestation

The cornerstone certification

Posh’s conversational AI SaaS-based platform has achieved its second year of SOC-2 Type II compliance. In achieving our Systems and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type II compliance has demonstrated the importance we place in meeting several of the Trust Service Criterias security controls. The year-on-year improvement of our security program and clearly recognizing the global threats across the FinTech sector has resulted in us adding to our inscope TSCs for the review period. 

Our SOC-2 auditors have reviewed our cloud security controls, our policies and processes as well as ensuring our security program is run with a clear vision based on the CIA triad principles.

Posh firmly believes that the foundational principles derived from our compliance programs helps build trust, respect and recognition by our customers through ensuring we achieve and adhere to the Common Criterias set-out in a SOC-2 Type II audit.

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