Audit planning

Audit planning

The cornerstone certification

We say “Hey Siri” and get our answers within a few seconds. For example, if I want to create an alarm to wake up at 8 AM tomorrow, I could open my phone, scroll around to find the timer app, then scroll around again to find how to set the time. This process is easy for people who set timers all the time, but for someone who doesn’t do this regularly, it can be time-consuming and frustrating. Luckily for us, Siri knows the inner workings of technology and sets the time for us. All we need to do is quickly ask her!

Similar to Siri, banking bots help mobile and website users navigate digital banking easily. I, for one, can never find my routing number. In the past, I’ve spent over 10 minutes scouring my financial institution’s key digits and eventually finding the right number on Google. Instead, I now use the banking bot and just ask the question: “What’s my routing number?” In less than a second, my routing number flashes before me. No digging around, no googling, just voila!

Banking bots can do much more than finding and displaying a user’s routing number, though. More on the functionalities of a banking bot in the next section.

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