Posh Attends Women in Tech Summit

Daniele, Talent Acquisition Lead, and Audrey, Talent Coordinator, attended the Women in Technology Summit at the Austin Convention Center on April 27, 2022.

Posh Attends Women in Tech Summit

Professional development and growth is an important part of working at Posh, so these ladies jumped at the opportunity to attend the Women in Tech Summit! The conference provided support for initiatives being worked on at Posh. We are constantly striving to empower our employees, and this conference further solidified our vision.

“The Women in Technology Summit was really great! We had a chance to hear from industry thought leaders from both the business and tech side on motivations, inspirations and skill building,” said Daniele. “My favorite session from the conference was Strategies for Being Culture First in a Hybrid First Company. A lot of insightful and thought provoking ideas were shared and I look forward to using some of them to make a positive contribution at Posh.”

As a remote-first hybrid company with an office in Boston, Posh is no stranger to dealing with the obstacles of building a hybrid culture. Posh joyfully employs people across the US, from Texas, to NY and NJ to San Francisco, and of course Boston, we are no stranger to a spread workforce. 

The first session of the WIT Summit, Strategies for Being Culture First in a Hybrid First Company, tackled the issues around hybrid work head on and provided valuable insights into building a culture that puts people first. The moderators urged the audience to think about what success looks like for you and stressed the importance of a top down approach in building an empathetic and supportive culture. Moderator Leslie Wingo said, “Culture is human,” and reminded us that the people on the other side of your Zoom calls are humans first and to meet people where they are. 

“During the session, panelists asked the audience, ‘when are you your best self at work?’ I do my best work when I’m supported in pursuing projects I am passionate about and actively encouraged to continue learning, which are two of many reasons I joined Posh!” said Audrey.

At Posh, we value employee feedback. We offer unlimited PTO and have a flexible WFH policy that enables our employees to have a healthy life-work balance. From taking time to focus on childcare, competing in national ballroom competitions, creating music, or running the Boston Marathon, our employees are empowered to be themselves. 

The moderators of this session stressed the point that company culture is something that evolves over time. Are you interested in helping shape the culture of Posh? Check out our job openings here.

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