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Founded out of MIT, we're a team of passionate engineers and computer scientists determined to make natural language interfaces more humanlike and delightful.

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How It All Started

In June 2018, Posh spun out of MIT's AI Lab with the mission of making conversational user interfaces feel more natural. The team realized that while conversational AI represents the future of human-computer interaction, it would take big leaps to get there. We set out to revolutionize bot technology from two fronts: the creation process and the end-user experience.

Our mission is to make Conversational AI the new standard of human-computer interfaces.

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At Posh, we’re making chatbots more sophisticated and delightful to end-users, while making the development experience more intuitive and efficient. Whether your role is in Sales, Marketing, Platform Engineering, DevOps, Machine Learning, or UI/UX, the Posh team is committed to bringing chatbot technology to the forefront. If you're passionate about leveraging cutting-edge tech to build products people love, let's chat!

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